Our mission is to deliver solutions that give people the freedom to communicate wherever, whenever, and however they need.

Hardware design from scratch.  Software design that connects the dots.

Complete Tailored Solutions

Every one of our tailored solutions is designed specifically to simplify your project by making technology work for you.

  • Full Product Development, Production, and Life Cycle Support.
  • Openity Engineering Services (OpES) tailors its support to your needs, working alongside your team to achieve your objectives.
  • In addition to OpES’ staff of talented engineers, Openity has established relationships with a variety of expert engineers and consultants, as well as with several industry leading vendors and manufacturers and can easily leverage those relationships to scale resources to any level required.

Technologies & Certifications

Our people are experts in their respective fields, living and breathing in the real world so we know when recommendations are recommendations and specifications are specifications.

  • World Class Expertise in GSM, 3G, 4G LTE
  • Expertise in Mobile Satellite Systems (MSS) and Fixed Satellite Systems
  • Custom VoIP System Development
    • Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator (dCAA)
  • Wi-Fi Systems Development and Deployment
    • Ubiquiti AirMax Certified Administrators and Installers
    • Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Administrators and Installers
  • Enterprise Network Designers and Administrators
    • Routing/Switching
    • Firewalls
    • Fiber Optic Networks
    • Virtual LAN (VLAN)
    • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • High Availability / Clustering


New APP anyone? Sure we can do APPs. While the world craves the next great APP, we do so much more.

  • Full Product Design, Development, Production, and Life Cycle Support
  • Full Service Application Layer Development
    • Embedded/Core Services and/or Back-end Processing Applications
  • Experts in VoIP development and deployment
  • Web-based Applications and GUIs
  • Language capabilities include, but are not limited to:
    • C/C++, C#, HTML, XML, CSS, Jquery/Javascript, RoR (Ruby/Rails), PHP, BASH, TCL/TK, XMidas, Next Midas
  • Database Application Design and Development
  • Embedded Linux Solutions Design and Development
    • Board Support Package (BSP) development, including custom Linux kernels, tailored root filesystems and toolchains, etc., leveraging industry standard, open source tools such as OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, etc.
  • Enterprise Server-Level Software Development
  • Distributed / Parallel Computing and Cloud-based Development on Virtual Systems


When we have a good idea, we design and build our own hardware. When you have a good idea, we can design and build your hardware. Your idea, your IP! We’re just happy to serve as a supporting role in a good idea.

  • Hardware, Technology, & System Evaluation and Selection Assistance
  • Circuit Design, PCB Layout, and Fabrication
  • Specializing in Embedded Systems
    • SoC processors
    • Microcontrollers
  • Mechanical design and fabrication
    • Custom Enclosures

Embedded Platforms

Openity’s embedded boards provide companies the flexibility and options to take advantage of the latest technology in form factors that work for them. Lightweight technology-rich systems remove compatibility concerns when integrating with COTS products for point solutions.

Openity’s OPUS line of embedded systems is designed to work with today’s software defined radios in mind. From two-channels to “many channels”, Openity has fine tuned the OPUS line to optimize performance in a plethora of conditions for a variety of useful scenarios.

  • The easiest and most flexible platform for COTS hardware.
  • Use with today’s SDR technology.
  • Convenient LINUX base software suite.
  • Ends confusing and complicated set ups.
  • Crushes existing prices structures for sampling and digitizing waveforms.
  • Self-aware for single or multi unit topologies.

  • Multiple Ethernet and USB connections.
  • 12V allows for Vehicle or stationary applications.
  • Single or Quad Core Systems.
  • Integrated Battery with optional external battery packs.
  • Network or stand-alone.
  • Database Pre-D, symbols or additional SDR output.
  • Easily integrates into existing networks.
  • Proven with many different existing Software Defined Radios.

Rating IP67 (Opus-i only)
Operating Environment 0-60C
10%-90% Non-Condensing
Storage Environment -30-70C
10%-95% Non-Condensing
Physical Specifications
Power Supply 12V DC
Max Power Input 3.0A
Battery Time 18 hours
External Battery Pack 72 hours
Dimensions H x L x W 3″x6.3″x6.3″
WiFi Interface
Frequency / Max Power 2.4 GHz/100mW
Standards 802.11 b/g/n

Talk with an Openity representative to discuss software options and commonly used SDRs.

Openity® – The Creator of Sat-Fi® and an Authorized Globalstar Dealer

As a value added and authorized Globalstar dealer, Openity provides top quality sales, service, and support for all Globalstar products. Additionally, Openity provides engineering expertise integrating solutions leveraging Globalstar products in a number of custom scenarios for communicating off the grid for work, pleasure, or in emergencies.

  The Openity® Bridge is a mobile device that allows smartphones to place and receive calls via the Globalstar satellite network. The device acts as a VoIP to satellite gateway, providing subscribers with communication options in areas where cellular coverage is weak or non-existent.

Openity® is partnered with Globalstar to provide high-quality, low-latency, satellite connectivity. Unlike cell phones, satellite devices may be used in remote areas, far from cell towers.

Bridge is easy to setup and use, providing simple satellite connectivity.

  • Place and receive satellite calls from up to 10 WiFi enabled devices
  • May be vehicle mounted or operated from a fixed location
  • High-quality, low-latency, satellite connectivity on the Globalstar network

Bridge excels at providing voice communications in areas where traditional cellular and phone networks fall short.

  • Install Bridge in your vehicle to provide a mobile connectivity bubble in areas without cellular coverage
  • Mount Bridge and its antenna on a maritime vessel to provide simple satellite calling to all passengers
  • Quickly deploy voice communications in disaster recovery operations where traditional voice networks are out of service
  • Integrate Bridge into existing VoIP networks to provide emergency connectivity

Use of Bridge requires a subscription to the Globalstar satellite network.

Download detailed product specifications (PDF) below.

  Portal is a GSM to VoIP gateway with seamless integration into Openity® Core. It reduces costs by routing VoIP calls out the cellular network to mobile users at a fraction of the cost of traditional analog phone lines, allowing you to take advantage of mobile-to-mobile minutes.

From installation to configuration to day-to-day use, Openity® Portal makes it easier for you to communicate. You’ll be up and running with a couple of clicks.

  • Seamless integration with Openity® Core
  • Integrates least cost routing using the cellular network as a cost effective way to distribute traffic
  • Enables mobile integration to connect your office extension to your mobile phone
  • Streamlining your communication increases productivity and reduces monthly operating costs

Portal works when, where and with the systems you want it to.

  • Uses industry standard VoIP protocols to interoperate with existing PBX systems
  • Email integration supports common tasks such as email to SMS in existing networks

Voice quality you can count on in an otherwise noisy world.

  • Digital audio and speech compression codecs provide superior voice quality with every call
  • Fast call set-up and tear-down ensures cellular channels are available when you need them
  • Robust call routing efficiently moves traffic where needed

For all its power, Portal needs very little room to keep you connected.

  • Small size saves you space so you can make room for even more
  • 32 channels in compact 1U chassis
  • Scales to accommodate any Enterprise customer

You’re part of Openity®, we won’t leave you stranded

  • Firmware upgrades for the life of the product
  • Support contracts available to provide phone, email, and/or on-site assistance as needed

Download detailed product specifications (PDF) below.

   Core is a modern, easy to use PBX providing VoIP connectivity. It has a 1U form factor and is capable of hosting 256 extensions and 256 simultaneous phone calls on a single unit. For our enterprise customers, Core may be scaled to meet larger deployment requirements. Core provides common features with no extra cost, Conference Rooms, Voicemail, Dial-by-name directory, and much more.

From installation to configuration to day-to-day use, Openity® Core makes it easier for you to communicate. You’ll be up and running with a couple of clicks.

  • Web interface allows non-technical administrators to quickly and easily provision new extensions, conference bridges, configure least cost routing, and other common features
  • Least cost routing automatically determines the most cost effective way to distribute traffic
  • Seamless integration with Openity® Portal to provide mobile integration, connecting your office extension to your mobile phone

Core works when, where and with the systems you want it to.

  • Interoperability lets you use Core with an existing VoIP infrastructure to provide enhanced features
  • Integrates with upstream VoIP carriers to provide low-cost incoming and outgoing telephone calls
  • Supports use of many common VoIP desk phones and soft phones

Voice quality you can count on in an otherwise noisy world.

  • Speech compression codes ensure superior voice quality with every call
  • Call forwarding and conferencing helps you do business anywhere
  • Robust routing moves call traffic where needed

You’re part of Openity®, we won’t leave you stranded

  • Software upgrades for the life of the product
  • Support contracts available to provide phone, email, and/or on-site assistance as needed

Download detailed product specifications (PDF) below.

Small business VOIP services.

Openity One provides reliable, business grade phone service in the cloud. Unlike traditional phone service, which relies on dedicated lines connected to your business, One uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) and an existing Internet connection to provide high-quality, affordable phone service for small businesses. And, One is backed by Openity’s superior support. From installation, to maintenance and troubleshooting, Openity is here to make sure your business is able to communicate effectively.

Openity One customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Consultation with Openity’s VoIP experts to develop a phone system that meets the needs of your small business. Openity’s staff can provide you with a list of supported phones, features, and help you identify how to integrate them into your business.
  • Optional installation by Openity’s qualified support staff, including network configuration, and phone connection. Do you have your own tech support staff? No problem, Openity can ship pre-configured VoIP phones to your business for installation by your existing staff.
  • Advanced phone system features, including voicemail to email, conference bridges, and time of day routing

Outgrowing your current phone system? Interested in hearing more? Continue reading, or contact us to get a quote.

Integrated Voicemail

Not at your desk? With One, your voicemails are sent directly to your email inbox. Never miss a message from a customer again.

Conference Calling

Host virtual meetings with your employees and customers, allow outside parties to call into your conference, communicate effectively using One.

Custom Phone Menus

Dial-by-name directories and customizable menu systems to help your customers quickly reach the person they need.

Time of Day Routing

Redirect calls when your business is closed. Send callers straight to voicemail, play a custom recording, forward to an emergency number.

Distributed Offices

Connect to your phone system from anywhere. Remote employee? Send them a phone and they can place and receive calls as if they were sitting in your main office.


One provides a 99% uptime guarantee.


With Openity One, pricing is simple: prices are based on the number and types of devices needed. Each phone is considered a device. Taxes and other fees are not included.

Desk Extensions

Desk extensions are the primary phones used by general employees. They include voicemail, a direct dial phone number, and unlimited calling to outside phone numbers.

Internal Extensions

Internal extensions are devices used in areas such as conference rooms, exam rooms, and reception areas. Unlike desk extensions, they do not include a direct dial phone number or voicemail. They are able to place outbound calls but do not include the unlimited calling package (extension to extension dialing is always unlimited).

Your Gateway to Dependability

Openity® is devoted to developing practical technology solutions and providing unmatched support. We value relationships and view ourselves as partners with our customers and community. We make communicating easy by providing quality, intuitive, and affordable mobile solutions. We strive for worldwide brand recognition built on reliability, support, integrity, and performance.  Tom Hafley | Founder

What makes Openity different?

Power and Simplicity

One small gateway has the power to connect you to anyone, anywhere. Easy setup, adaptable technology, and dependable service help you communicate more while spending less.

Dependable Service

Open communication is the key to trust, which is why we’re ready to help in any way we can. We work with every client, big or small, to create the solution that fits their needs and keeps them ready for the future.

Personalized Solution

We’re dedicated to giving you the communications solution that meets your needs. Our products are designed to simplify and amplify, so you’ll be able to do more with less.

Openity Support

You can always count on our reliable service and unmatched support. Contact us and we’ll keep you connected no matter what the challenge.

At Openity®, we aim to provide communication solutions that just work. We’ll assist you in deploying and maintaining your Openity® Solution in any way we can, and support packages are available for those customers needing extra help.

Connect with Openity® Engineers via email and phone to assist in troubleshooting common problems.
  • One year of email / phone support is included with purchase of any Openity® products
  • Additional support contracts may be purchased on an annual basis
  • Pricing varies based on the size of your Openity® deployment. Contact us for a quote.

Professional, on-site support is available when you need it.
  • Our on-site support package includes email and phone support
  • On-site support contracts may be purchased on an annual basis
  • When telephone and email communications are not enough, an Openity® engineer will meet you at your business to help maintain Openity® products
  • Pricing varies based on the size of your Openity® deployment. Contact us for a quote.

Custom solutions require custom support.
  • For enterprise customers purchasing and maintaining large Openity® product deployments, custom support packages are available to meet your needs
  • Support options include telephone and email contact with Openity® engineers, on-site troubleshooting and maintenance, and on-site training
  • Contact us to discuss a custom support package that meets the needs of your business

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